how to connect

We will be meeting on EVO. EVO stands for Enabling Virtual Organizations. It enables videoconferencing and screen sharing. Anyone with an up to date version of Java and a sound card can participate; speakers will need a web cam and a microphone.

Interestingly, EVO is part way through a transition into a pay service called "SeeVogh." For this reason, you will need to register on SeeVogh, and then you will be able to log in to EVO. Specifically, follow the directions for signing up for SeeVogh. Our community is called "phyloseminar" and the key is "gardenia2013".

If you have issues, you may need to configure Java and/or configure your firewall and/or disable proxy connection to the internet (in Firefox, this is Preferences > Advanced > Network > Connection > Settings > "no proxy") .

Now, you should be able to log in to EVO. To test receiving audio and video, simply go to the "Test Receiving Audio and Video" menu item in the "Help & Test" menu. To test sending audio and video (mandatory only for presenters), simply go to the "Test Sending Audio and Video (Loopback)" menu item in the "Help & Test" menu. You can hover over the various icons that appear to test various aspects of the EVO system. If you encounter problems, try clicking on the "Show Settings Window" button (icon is a screwdriver and wrench) and restarting your audio and video using the dialog box which appears.

Congrats. You've now set up your EVO system and are ready to attend a seminar.